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From the Heart


Words, thoughts, and feelings from educators, parents, researchers, and children after reading the book Follow Your Heart: the school for multipotentialites and/or experiencing a book launch and workshop event

"I really enjoyed reading through the book and overall love the goals of the organization and book. And the graphics are so beautiful!"

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"What stood out to me right away was that the book would be great for many ages and especially with younger age groups. I typically find it very challenging to find emotional expression activities for younger populations since many of them are geared for school-aged kids and involve more abstract thinking. "

- Jessica, Child Life Specialist

B.C., Canada


"I read it to my grade 5 class and we discussed the meanings and themes of the book.  Students enjoyed making connections to their own experiences and knowledge. They shared how many times their ideas of what they think they want to do when they are older have changed. We also discussed that the careers they choose then may not even exist right now." 

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"Students enjoyed the message and the reinforcement that they can forge their own paths by following their passions and interests."

- Ms. Tyler, Grade 5 Teacher



by Sareen Ali, M.D., M.Sc. 

"Follow Your Heart is a heartwarming book and an inspiring movement. It aims to revolutionize traditional educational systems by placing emphasis on social and emotional learning (SEL), and ecological awareness for children in a safe and inclusive environment that champions all of their inner talents while nurturing their multipotentialities."

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