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the multipotentialite

in all of us

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Cora is a character who helped shape this resource into one that speaks to more than just educators. Through an embedded children's story, The Story of Cora, at the beginning of Follow Your Heart: the school for multipotentialites, this curious little girl shares her worries about growing up and how impossible it feels to choose one career path from an early age.

Cora makes a trip to the library (one of her favourite places to be) and discovers a pink book with a multi-layered heart on the front and learns about what it means to be a "multipotentialite". She learns that it is a beautiful thing to have multiple passions and that finding connections between these interests can lead to innovative ideas and a meaningful life.

Cora has evolved into more than a story character. She finds a way to speak to everyone's heart, from young to old, and seems to bring out the inner child in all of us. 


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Cora was born on a sunny afternoon in Marseille, France while Emily was working away in a cafe on the Activities section of Follow Your Heart: the school for multipotentialites. The original intention behind Cora was to create a separate children's book as a supplemental resource to Follow Your Heart— long after the original book was to be published.

After the idea of Cora was introduced and the authors agreed on including a small 6-box c
omic strip version as an opening element to Follow Your Heart, Valentina Russo filled Cora's story and world with colour and love. Inspiration from Emily's childhood room helped to fill the pages of The Story of Cora which is found in part one of this educational resource. 

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